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Why are y'all so cheap?

We take great pride in offering the cheapest headshot printing on the planet. 

Here's how we are able to do that, while still providing great quality!

  • DIY SETUPS - Thanks to our handy Do-It-Yourself ordering with Live Preview, you set your headshot up yourself, so we don't have to keep designers on our payroll.
  • We don't store your file.  All orders are treated as new orders.
  • We do one thing and one thing only.  We keep our service options simple, so we can just focus on providing you great headshot prints.​
  • Online-store.  We save money by not having a store-front, and we pass along the savings to you!

What's the turnaround time?


Your order will be printed and shipped within 1-2 business days (M-F), via USPS Priority Mail.  This postal service typically takes 2-3 business days.

What kind of paper do you print on?

We print on color photographic paper.  These are real photo prints (not lithos!) for the highest print quality, sharpest images, most vivid colors, and best skin-tones.  

What is color-balancing?

When printing, our technicians will make on-board, global color adjustments, in order to make your headshot prints look the best they can, and to achieve the most pleasing skin-tones.

Please note:  Files that are over-exposed or "blown-out" may be missing image information that can't be restored.  The same is true for files that are under-exposed or heavily color-toned (i.e. overly red or blue).   

What if my image is already color-balanced?

If you or your photographer has already color-balanced your image, just type in "Do not color-balance" under Special Instructions.  Then we will know not to make any additional adjustments to your file.  

(When viewing your image on your computer, keep in mind that every monitor is adjusted differently, and most monitors are not accurately color-calibrated.  Not to mention, you are looking at light, instead of paper.  Therefore, an exact color match of a printed photo to an on-screen representation isn't possible.)

What if my headshot is already set-up?

If your headshot is already setup to spec (8x10 at 300 dpi with name and border), simply choose the "Bleed" setup type, and delete the "Name" text.  We will still color-balance these files, unless you type "Do not color-balance" under Special Instructions.

I had this headshot printed before... Why does the color look different?

Color can vary, depending on the style of printing (photo, inkjet, litho, or thermal), the paper-stock, and even on the technician doing the color-balancing.  For these reason, we can't guarantee a color-match.

Go to our BEFORE YOU ORDER page for answers on...

  1. Uploading High Resolution Files
  2. Font Recommendations
  3. Java Download


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