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Before You Order

For best results, follow these guidelines!

1.  Upload High Resolution Photos

For optimum print quality, your image should be 1800x2700 pixels for a layout with a border, or 2400x3000 pixels for a borderless layout. (If you plan on cropping your image, your resolution should be even higher.) You should not upload images smaller than 1200x1800 pixels, or your prints will be noticeably pixellated and blurry.

To check your resolution on a PC:  Position your mouse over a JPG, and a window will pop up, showing your pixel count.

To check your resolution on a Mac:  Select the file and press the "apple" button and "i" simultaneously to get the INFO box, which shows your pixel count.



2.  Choose a Nice Font

Once you begin your order, you will be able to set your font style, size, and color.  For best results, we recommend:

Ariel 24pt
Dear Joe 20pt
Fantasy-5 24pt
Gara 24pt
Handwritten-2 24pt
Jenkins 30pt
Myriad Pro 24pt
Pristina 26pt
Sans-Serif 24pt
Serif 24pt
WillGrace 24 pt

If you choose other options, just make sure you can see your entire name.  If part of it appears to be getting cut off on the top or bottom, it will be cut off on your prints as well!​

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