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What is color-balancing?

When printing, our technicians will make on-board, global color adjustments, in order to make your headshot prints look the best they can, and to achieve the most pleasing skin-tones.

Please note:  Files that are over-exposed or "blown-out" may be missing image information that can't be restored.  The same is true for files that are under-exposed or heavily color-toned (i.e. overly red or blue).   

What if I don't want color-balancing? * WARNING - Important Please Read *

If you or your photographer has already color-balanced your image, you can select the option for "No color-balancing" when you review your order. Then we will know not to make any additional adjustments to your file.  HOWEVER...

We strongly recommend that you DO have us color balance your images so that you get the best possible results. Keep in mind that if you or your photographer has color-balanced the image, that IT HAS NOT BEEN CALIBRATED TO OUR  PRINTERS and therefore you don't know what you are going to get. Often we find that even professionally color-balanced photos need a slight tweak. We are UNABLE TO OFFER REFUNDS if you don't like the color after telling us not to correct it (even if the prints don't match your monitor, which they probably won't).  By selecting "No color-balancing" you are taking the responsibility for color.

If you really feel that the color is good, and don't want us to correct it, we recommend you order a single print first with no color-balancing so you can see exactly what your print will look like!

Can I get a proof?


We don't offer proofs, because we don't store your file, and perform new color-balancing every time you order.

However, if you don't want color-balancing, we recommend that you order one single print first with no color-balancing, so that you can make sure you like how your color looks on our printers before you place a bigger order.


Why doesn't my print match my computer monitor?

When viewing your image on your computer, keep in mind that every monitor is adjusted differently, and most monitors are not accurately color-calibrated, nor have they been calibrated to our printers.  Not to mention, you are looking at light, instead of paper.  Therefore, an exact color match of a printed photo to an on-screen representation isn't possible.

What's the turnaround time?


Headshots and mini headshots are typically printed in 1-2 business days (M-F), and shipped via USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail.


Business cards are typically printed and shipped within 3-7 business days (M-F), via UPS Ground.

*Times may vary during high volume periods.

Why is my name cut off?

When adding your name and setting your font-size in the Live Preview, you must make sure your entire name fits and is visible in the text area.  If it appears to be getting cut off on the live preview, it will be cut off on your print!  We strongly recommend that you select "Resize Font Automatically" to prevent error.  If you do not select "Resize Font Automatically" and your name is getting cut off on your prints, we are UNABLE TO OFFER REFUNDS.

Why is my head getting cut off?

This can sometimes occur when ordering borderless prints. When placing your file onto our 8x10 template, you will see in real time, where your head is positioned. Our software automatically centers your photo within the template. Using the Zoom / Pan tool allows you to move your photo up or down accordingly. See here for more info.

We cannot redo orders free of charge if you are unhappy with your head placement.

What kind of paper do you print on?​

Our headshots and mini headshots are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive matte color photographic paper.  These are real photo prints (not your drugstore prints!) for the highest print quality, sharpest images, most vivid colors, and best skin-tones.  


Business Cards are printed on Glossy Cardstock, and are more rigid.

What if my headshot is already set-up?

If your headshot is already setup to spec (8x10 at 300 dpi with name and border), simply choose the "Borderless" setup type, and delete the "Your Name" text.  We will still color-balance these files, unless you select the option for "No color-balancing" when reviewing your order. (See warning above.)

If I've had this headshot printed before... Why might the color look different?

Color can vary, depending on the style of printing (photo, inkjet, litho, or thermal), the paper-stock, and even on the technician doing the color-balancing.  For these reason, we can't guarantee a color-match, even if it's a re-order that we printed before.


Also please note that for headshots, we use sRGB color profile.  If your file has a different color profile (for example, Adobe RGB), it may affect the color of your prints.


Photographic products (headshots and promo cards) and offset printing products (business cards and post cards) are printed using different technologies, and therefore will have color variations.

Can I split my order between different photos for the same price?


No.  Pricing is calculated based on the quantity ordered of ONE photo.  You are welcome to order more than one photo, but the pricing per photo will solely be based on the quantity ordered of that photo, not the total quantity ordered.  Each photo is treated individually in the printing process, and because we do not charge set up fees, we are unable to allow split orders.


I ordered both headshots and business cards... Why did they come in separate packages?


Headshots and mini headshots are shipped from one facility (via USPS), and the business cards are shipped from another facility (via UPS).  If you order both, you will most likely receive them at different times and in different packages.

Why are y'all so cheap?

We take great pride in offering the cheapest headshot printing on the planet. 

Here's how we are able to do that, while still providing great quality!

  • DIY SETUPS - Thanks to our handy Do-It-Yourself ordering with Live Preview, you set your headshot up yourself, so we don't have to keep designers on our payroll.

  • We don't store your file.  All orders are treated as new orders.

  • We do one thing and one thing only.  We keep our service options simple, so we can just focus on providing you great headshot prints.​

Can I come pick up my order?

Yes! If you are in the Los Angeles area, and would like to will call your order after completion, just select "IN STORE PICKUP" during the checkout process.


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