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Howdy Partner!
You're almost ready to place your order for Business Cards.
Just a couple of things first:
1. Is your photo high resolution?

We need quality files to make quality prints!  

(For info on how to check your resolution,

click here.)

2. What you see is what you get!

When you view your live preview, make sure

you like how your layout looks.

(The only exception to this is IMAGE QUALITY.  Screens have a lower

resolution than prints, so please make sure your image is high res.)

3. Make sure your font isn't getting cut off!

You must make sure your entire text fits and is visible in the text area.  If it appears to be getting cut off on the live preview, it will be cut off on your print!  We strongly recommend that you select "Resize Font Automatically" to prevent error. 

(If you do not select "Resize Font Automatically" and your text is getting cut off, we are UNABLE TO OFFER REFUNDS.)

Got it?  Good!  Let's go!
About Our Business Card Printing:
- Printed on Glossy Cardstock (single-sided)
- No Set-up Fees! Free Set-ups with Live Preview on every order
- We color balance each order for best results
- Sized 2x3.5"


Business Cards

100 for $25

Allow 3-7 Business Days for Production.

Ships from a different facility than headshots and promo cards, via UPS Ground.

Resolution Information:

For optimum print quality, your image should be 500x750 pixels. (If you plan on cropping your image, your resolution should be even higher.) You should not upload images smaller than that, or your prints will be noticeably pixellated and blurry.​  DO NOT UPSIZE YOUR IMAGES - it will not improve print quality.

To check your resolution on a PC:  Position your mouse over the file icon for a JPG, right click and select "properties," then select the "details" tab, and it will show your pixel count.

To check your resolution on a Mac:  Select the file and press the "apple" button and "i" simultaneously to get the INFO box, which shows your pixel count.

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